pksensi implements the global sensitivity analysis workflow to investigate the parameter uncertainty and sensitivity in physiologically based kinetic (PK) models, especially the physiologically based pharmacokinetic/toxicokinetic model with multivariate outputs. The package also provides some functions to check the convergence and sensitivity of model parameters.

Through pksensi, you can:

  • Run sensitivity analysis for PK models in R with script that were written in C or GNU MCSim.
  • Decision support: The output results and visualization tools can be used to easily determine which parameters have “non-influential” effects on the model output and can be fixed in model calibration.


You can install the package via CRAN or GitHub:

# To get pksensi from CRAN:

# Or get the the development version from GitHub:
  • This package includes a function that can help you install GNU MCsim more easily through the function mcsim_install().

  • All updated details can be found in

  • NOTE: Windows users need to install Rtools40 to compile the model code.



Hsieh NH, Reisfeld B, Bois FY, Chiu WA. Applying a global sensitivity analysis workflow to improve the computational efficiencies in physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling. Frontiers in Pharmacology 2018 Jun; 9:588.

Hsieh NH, Reisfeld B, Chiu WA. pksensi: an R package to apply sensitivity analysis in pharmacokinetic modeling. 58th SOT Annual Meeting, Baltimore, USA, March 10–14, 2019.